Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who is Joe the Plumber?

John McCain mentioned this "Joe the Plumber" (someone at one of Obama's rallies) during the debate, saying he can't buy the plumbing business if Obama's tax plan is enacted.

But who is this Joe the Plumber?

What does he really think?

How much do we really know about him?

Has he associated with any known terrorists or radical preachers?

Why, only 30 min. after the debate ended, is Joe the Plumber already in Wikipedia?

America demands answers and we want them now!

I hope he makes the circuit: Saturday Night Live, the Daily Show, Colber Report, Letterman, Leno, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. etc.

Forget Sarah Palin! America wants to meet Joe the Plumber!

Addendum: Update Oct. 19, 2008
As it turns, Joe is an unlicensed, non-union plumber with a modest income, but is hard working, puts in long days on the job, and shares in the American dream of advancing himself by acquiring the business. Not surprising, his views are moderate to conservative. And he was mentioned on all of the above!

Maybee after a week of fame, he might eventually return to some sense of a normal life!


  1. Rachy correctly identified the rise of Joe the Plumber! He's been featured on Colbert, Daily Show, Letterman, Leno, etc.

  2. You have no idea how crazy it has gotten.

    Behind the scenes, Wikipedia has had an on-going, raging war over this unlicensed turd chaser since he first peeped over the rim and swam into public view.

    Joe the Plumber now has his own neo-con support section that watchdogs any edits to his wiki-article and tries to screen out anything remotely, unflatteringly, factual.
    Lately these Wurtzel-Fanatics have been rebuked by other wiki-editors, but the wiki-war rages on. Sorry to break news in public, but this plumbing wonder, this loser powerhouse, apparently is the new Paris Hilton.

    See the "Discussion" tab behind the main wikipedia article for the latest wiki-war news.