Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guilt by Association?

In the last weeks we hear both Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin trying to paint Sen. Obama "guilty by association" because of his association with Bill Ayers, former leader of the militant Weather Underground in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

But let's compare the Obama-Ayers association to the associations of a well-know person whom Gov. Palin truly admires, even adores.

Seems there is little know about this person's first 30 years of life (what's he hiding). But we do know this:
  • He was born while his parents were traveling (why would they travel when expecting?)
  • Shortly after he was born, his father insisted the family flee to another country (what were they fleeing?)
  • Rumor was that his mother's husband was not his biological father
  • His family was visited by an unspecified number of visitors from the vicinity of Iraq (where the visitors related to a terrorist group?)
  • At about 12 years old, he escaped for a few days from his parents while the family was traveling (they only had one son, how could they loose him for 3 days?)

After 30, it seems he left his work as a carpenter and traveled about with 12 other men of questionable backgrounds:

  • One was known for extorting payments from his own people on behalf of the occupying forces (collaborating with "the enemy?")
  • Another was associated with nationalist insurrectionists (this group would stab their victims during crowded public assemblies in city plazas and the like)
  • A pair of brothers who had a make-shift fishing business, but left their nets and boats followed this charismatic character (losers?)

With this band of characters (and often other followers), he proceeded to associate with some of the "worst" elements of society, even prostitutes, criminals, and tax collectors who were know to collaborate with "the enemy."

He often spoke in ways that angered the leaders of his people. Eventually he came to an unfortunate end, sentenced to death and executed at the young age of 33.

Yes, this was Jesus Christ. Christians like Gov. Palin (and me) worship and adore Him as God's Son.

Yet, during His life on earth, there was a lot of fodder for those who might wish to paint Him "guilty by association."

I don't believe it is right to paint anyone guilty by association. Period.

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  1. Thanks, we all needed to see that. It's also quite refreshing to see a christian who is so insightful, and thoughtful. I have a sister, who along with the rest of my family, had been saying untrue, and unkind things, about Barack Obama. You wouldn't believe the hard time I'd beed given from them, after initially supporting Obama for President. The next time I vote, I shall not be telling them whom I favor, because of this. Oh, and my family also claims to be christian. So I'm relieved that not all christians, who are into politics, are like they are.