Monday, March 14, 2016

Another Big Tuesday

Another Tuesday and five more big states to divide among the final 6 candidates for President.

Word is that at least Marco Rubio, who is unlikely to win his home state of Florida, will likely drop out.  So would John Kasich, if he looses his home state, Ohio, except that he is likely to get the all his winner-takes-all state delegates.

On the Democrat side, Sanders needs to win a few states to his victor doesn't become mathematically impossible.  While Clinton has seemed to be winning more states, the delegate count is still a race:
  • Clinton 1,223
  • Sanders 574
  • Needed for nomination:  2,383

On the Republican side, the delegate race is still very close, with Cruz not so far behind Trump:
  • Trump     458
  • Cruz       359
  • Rubio     151
  • Kasich     54
  • Needed for nomination:  1,237 
Cruz needs to win a state or two to combine with Kasich winning Ohio to keep Trump short of "inevitable."

The Ides of March will tell where the race is headed.

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