Saturday, November 29, 2008

Violence in India: Why?

The doldrums of these lame-duck days were rudely interrupted by the ten terrorist attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai. At hotels, a café, a hospital, the railway station and other locations, innocent people were shot, bombs and grenades exploded, fires set and hostages taken. Nearly 200 are dead, nearly 400 injured.

But why? Why?

In time, we may learn the political aims of the terrorists who undertook this carnage. But, no political goal can justify this intentional attack with the intent to kill hundreds of innocent human beings.

How can a human being become so devoid of his own humanity to undertake such horrible deeds?

During World War II, Hitler killed millions. And the world cried “Never again!”

But these abhorred crimes against humanity go on, not only in Mumbai, but in Pakistan and the Middle East, Africa, Asia, America……….

Why? Why?

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