Friday, September 5, 2008

The Sarah Palin Chronicles – Volume 2

This was the Week of Sarah Palin and I think I’m coming off a sugar high!

I couldn’t believe it that the party of conservatives would do something both bold and interesting!

They picked this woman – I think that’s quite something in itself! And she actually looks and talks like she could be your neighbor– a regular, middle class working mom. Only thing she’s been a mayor and a governor. And being from Alaska (a place I’d love to visit), there’s this kind of frontier woman side to her – she’s accomplished at hunting and fishing. Then she comes out of virtually no where and is standing in front of nearly 40 million viewers, taking it in stride and talking to the nation with poise and confidence.

And, even in full “attack mode” she’s just so not Bush/Cheney/Rove/etc. She’s actually likeable,

And she’s got a very handsome looking family. Certainly things aren’t perfect in the family (one case of pre-marital pregnancy), but no one is covering it up or denying anything (as the Nixon era Republicans would do) – the family is simply doing the right thing and moving on.

And she’s got that cute little daughter Piper. With a name line Piper Palin how could she not be cute!

But at some point, we have to come down from this sugar high and get back to making the choice of McCain-Palin or Obama-Biden.

The first downer was thinking back on McCain’s acceptance speech where he’s acting like the outsider and the maverick instead of the Senator who came to Washington 25 years ago as a Congressman.

It got me thinking if the whole RNC was not a “bait and switch” sales pitch where they sell McCain-Palin as the mavericks of change for the elections only to get 4 more years of same conservative Republican policies. Here’s my unanswered questions:
  • If McCain voted over 90% of the time in line with the Bush administration, where’s the policy change?

  • How can you want to cut taxes more when already we in deficit spending to pay for the war and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  • What specific government spending does he want to cut?

  • How effective could McCain be with what looks like a Democrat majority in the House and Senate?

These McCain promises are little more than the sugar candy that conservative feast on. Reality is sometimes a big downer. But once you’re back down, you can really see that, in the big picture, little has changed in the course of this week.

If the Republicans win, expect 4 more years of Republican policy. The management may change, but the menu will be the same.

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