Monday, July 14, 2008

7 Words You Shouldn't Say on the Phone or E-mail

The late comedian George Carlin has a hilarious routine about the 7 words you can't say on TV. Well, thanks to the Bush administration and a weak Congress, you better watch out when making international calls! See below for a list of 7 words you shouldn't say on an international call or e-mail.

The Administration now has broad powers to listen to any international call or e-mail. You might think they would focus on known or suspected terrorists or other bad guys. But the law is broad and the Feds could take the approach of sifting through the entire haystack looking for one needle.

So, on international calls and e-mails, the "Santa Rule" applies: "you better watch out." Don't say anything that sounds like you're a friend of any known or suspected terrorist group or others who may be up to no good.

Here's 7 words to start the list of what not to say:
1. bomb
2. Al-Qaeda
3. Taliban
4. jihad
5. Allāhu Akbar (God is great)
6. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (president of Iran)
7. Death to America

Please add others to the list.

And remember, thanks to the Bush administration, free speach is limited! Practice it only when you're sure the Feds. aren't listening.

Brief side story: An Iranian friend of the family, a medical doctor, came to the US for a better life and because he had to be very careful of what he said in Iran, least he be arrested for critizing the government. So I ask you, why is the US becoming more like Iran than like the land of freedon we were meant to be?

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  1. haha that's hilarious.

    When I was working on 9/11 truth (here in Cambridge!) I used to write stuff to the government in my emails (like, uh, please do the right thing and stop spying on us).